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Laser Therapy, Low-Level    Laser Therapy, Low-Level

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is the use of a focused beam of non-heating light to treat human illness and injury. The suggested physiological effects of laser therapy include increased ATP synthesis, increased cell proliferation, microcirculation activation and analgesic effects just to name a few (1). LLLT includes instruments utilizing a variety of wavelengths and power outputs.

(1) Moshkovska T, Mayberry J. It is time to test low level laser therapy in Great Britain. Postgrad Med J 2005 Jul;81(957):436-41.

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MeSH Term: Low-Level Light Therapy

Scope Note: Treatment using irradiation with light of low power intensity so that the effects are a response to the light and not due to heat. A variety of light sources, especially low-power lasers are used.

MeSH Synonyms:
  • Low-Level Light Therapy
  • Light Therapies, Low-Level
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  • adverse effects
  • classification
  • economics
  • history
  • instrumentation
  • methods
  • nursing
  • organization and administration
  • pharmacology
  • psychology
  • standards
  • statistics and numerical data
  • therapeutic use
  • therapy
  • trends
  • utilization
  • veterinary

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