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(a) Vaccination is not within the scope of chiropractic practice. However, Doctors of Chiropractic may be perceived by their patients as knowledgeable experts on matters having to do with health and health care choices. It is likely that patients may seek information or counsel from their chiropractor on the issue of vaccination.

(b) In circumstances where chiropractors or other healthcare providers are consulted about vaccination, they have a professional responsibility to provide current, accurate, unbiased (balanced) information based on sound scientific evidence. This information is necessary in supporting the patients' ability to make a truly informed choice.

(c) Chiropractors and patients may have difficulty in finding, acquiring, sorting, and "making sense of" the amount of complex information on this topic now available on the internet. Doctors and patients may both benefit from easy access to a compiled annotated listing of sources of the scientific literature of vaccination.

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MeSH Term: Immunization

Scope Note: Deliberate stimulation of the host's immune response. ACTIVE IMMUNIZATION involves administration of ANTIGENS or IMMUNOLOGIC ADJUVANTS. PASSIVE IMMUNIZATION involves administration of IMMUNE SERA or LYMPHOCYTES or their extracts (e.g., transfer factor, immune RNA) or transplantation of immunocompetent cell producing tissue (thymus or bone marrow).

MeSH Synonyms:
  • Immunization
  • Immunizations
  • Sensitization, Immunologic
  • Sensitization, Immunological
  • Immunological Sensitization
  • Immunological Sensitizations
  • Sensitizations, Immunological
  • Immunologic Stimulation
  • Immunostimulation
  • Immunological Stimulation
  • Immunological Stimulations
  • Stimulation, Immunological
  • Stimulations, Immunological
  • Immunologic Sensitization
  • Stimulation, Immunologic
  • Variolation
  • Variolations
Applicable MeSH Subheadings:
  • administration and dosage
  • adverse effects
  • classification
  • complications
  • drug effects
  • economics
  • education
  • epidemiology
  • ethics
  • ethnology
  • etiology
  • history
  • immunology
  • injuries
  • instrumentation
  • legislation and jurisprudence
  • manpower
  • methods
  • mortality
  • nursing
  • organization and administration
  • pharmacology
  • physiology
  • prevention and control
  • psychology
  • standards
  • statistics and numerical data
  • supply and distribution
  • therapeutic use
  • therapy
  • trends
  • utilization
  • veterinary

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