About Us
About Us

Information on HealthIndex, Inc. and the people behind ChiroACCESS

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We are a team of doctors and information specialists who brought you the MANTIS database (formerly Chirolars) and have been indexing biomedical literature for the past 22 years. We have also been dealing with telecommunications and the chiropractic profession for the past 17 years. With the help of modern technology and the largest source of chiropractic, osteopathic, and manual medical literature at our disposal; we bring you an invaluable tool for research and the chiropractic profession.

Mission of ChiroACCESS

The primary mission of ChiroACCESS is to disseminate accurate user-friendly information to practicing chiropractors, faculty and students in order to ensure the best possible patient care. Our patients deserve no less.

Literally thousands of individuals are responsible for this site as over 400,000 research articles published by thousands of researchers have been indexed in the database MANTIS. These articles serve as the building blocks for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment clinical reviews that appear here.

You will see ChiroACCESS grow rapidly in 2010 and we know it will serve you well. We welcome help from individuals and organizations that are willing to help develop and improve patient care through ChiroACCESS.

Company History

HealthIndex, Inc. (Formerly Action Potential, Inc.) was founded in 1987 by Ronald L. Rupert D.C.. The first product, MANTIS (Chirolars), has become the standard for the chiropractic profession's access to the scientific literature. HealthIndex, Inc. now has a myriad of information based products that have grown in importance because of managed care and legal demands for "evidence-based practice". In 1996, the multidisciplinary site (www.Healthindex.com) was developed for the Internet. In 1997, a chiropractic online community at ChiroACCESS was introduced.

Competitive Advantage

The MANTIS database, developed by HealthIndex, Inc., is the profession's only online index of the chiropractic scientific literature. ChiroACCESS is the exclusive provider of MANTIS to chiropractic students, faculty, and practicing chiropractors. As of August 1999, the two year anniversary of ChiroACCESS, chiropractic colleges have paid for subscriptions to MANTIS through ChiroACCESS for over 10,500 students and faculty. HealthIndex, Inc. is recognized as the profession's research literature expert and is the only company providing these services for prominent professional organizations like the American Chiropractic Association (ACA).


HealthIndex, Inc. has introduced several educational and practice promoting resources to the chiropractic profession. The primary products and services are:

  • 1.) MANTIS (Chirolars): the world's largest (over 300,000 records) and only online chiropractic, osteopathic and related research database. MANTIS is used by virtually all chiropractic and osteopathic colleges and thousands of students and practitioners. MANTIS is also offered by the leading international biomedical database vendors (OVID, Dialog and Datastar (Switzerland)). Through these vendors, MANTIS is used by doctors, medical schools and hospitals worldwide.
  • 2.) Literature Search Services: HealthIndex, Inc. provided an in house literature search service for doctors. It provided literature services for leading chiropractic organizations including the ACA and FCER. Specialized literature search support was also provided for Malpractice Insurance carriers.
  • 3.) ChiroACCESS & Health Index: These sites provide health professionals, students, faculty and patients with contemporary research information. This enables the profession to promote health and employ informed treatment practices.

Contact information for HealthIndex, Inc. and ChiroACCESS can be found here.